Molas for sale! 


I have a large collection of molas purchased in the San Blas Islands. Please check out the following pages to see some of them. As this group sells, I will be adding more. All have been carefully washed and pressed. 

Each mola is listed with size and price. Please note, single molas ship for $2.00 and doubles for $5.00 each. Contact me through my contact page with the number(s) you want. Payment through Paypal-

#4 Bird 17.5%22 x 13%22 extra fine $65.j

Molas are hand made by the Kuna/Cuna women of the San Blas Islands. The islands are an archipelago of about 378 islands covering about 100 square miles off the coast of Panama. The people generally live in thatched roof homes, some built on stilts out into the water. The women make MOLAS which are used as part of the bodice of their blouses. It is said that originally they painted designs on their bodies but the Spanish missionaries encouraged them to wear clothing. They translated their designs onto cloth 

by using a reverse applique technique. Several layers of cloth form the basis. The layers are cut through and stitched with edges neatly turned under. Other colors of fabric may be inserted to add to the the design.